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Tue May 22 21:44:03 EDT 2012

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

Great news to share with you all! I was asked by the president of the 
Christian Organizing Committee, Mrs. Jeanelle Cantin, if the Coptic 
Orthodox Church would like to take carry the cross this year for the 
Christian Walk in Quebec City on June 2nd. We were selected because they 
see in us the Coptic Community, strength, determination and adherence to 
the foundations of the Early Church. What an honor, blessing and 
privilege this is to us. Here's a segment of her email: 
"*/Accepterais-tu de conduire la Croix à partir des Plaines d'Abraham 
jusqu'au Parlement? /**/Pour moi, c'est significatif. Les coptes sont 
persécutés en Égypte et ici vous vous lever pour eux. Amener la Croix au 
Parlement par toi faisant parti de la communauté copte, veut dire pour 
moi, que les coptes d'ici ne sont pas prêt à baisser les bras pour leur 
It's amazing to see that our fellow Quebecers are now seeing and 
understanding who the Copts are. Thanks be to God and to all the 
faithful Coptic Orthodox Christians who have been praying and serving 
hard the past decades to spread Christianity and Orthodoxy to our province.

Praying to see you all in Quebec City carrying */"The Cross". /*
In His love,

Sylvia Mikhail
Delegate of ACCOM for Christian March 2012

Après la Marche, nous irons sur la grande terrasse, au bord du Saint 
Laurent, devant le Château Frontenac (à 20 min. de marche de l'Assemblée 
Nationale.). L'autocar viendra nous chercher de là-bas.

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