[accom-list] A reminder!

Diana Angelo diana.angelo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 17:31:13 EDT 2011


Dear all respected members & future members,

 This is a reminder for next May election to chose the new candidates who
will run ACCOM for the next term.

In the hope to have you all voting, you need to be members so to have the
right to vote.

Pls find attached the membership form, if you are already one & your
membership is renewed,
send it to all your network to give chance to everybody to  be a part of the
considerable change
ACCOM achieved up till now.

I encourage new members to fill & send it to the following address with the
(cheques to the name of ACCOM):

12337 Crevier
Montreal, Quebec
H4K 143

If you want, you can call Diana Angelo at (514)570-0807
We can do the pick up. Or may be to meat at any church to get your membership
collected & activated.

Being positive & participant serving your community will be a great example
to the coming generation.

Waiting for your reply

Be blessed

Diana Angelo
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