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Diana Angelo diana.angelo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 20:21:22 EDT 2011

Bonjour a tous/ Good day

The word thank you is short to match the efforts paid by the BOD members of
ACCOM to make this event performed successfully.

I hoped the blessed members could have more implication. I am trying to
think for some valuable excuses, may be many traveled for vacations?

I am praying for all to roll up there sleeves and help making history
serving the cause of Copts here in Montreal and all over the world.

Thank you again Antoine, Hany and all who worked very hard.

I also congratulate Mrs. Barsoum, Mrs. Touta & Mr. Hanna for being elected,
I have trust and hope that there participation will make ACCOM more
effective and will add new ideas to help the community to integrate and make
a difference.

See you all at September annual event

God bless you all.

Diana Angelo
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