[accom-list] A follow up on Omrania & Sunday the 19th.

Diana Angelo diana.angelo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 01:22:21 EST 2010

Precious members of ACCOM,

A follow up on Omrania:

1-The Minister asserted that he simply knew about what had taken place on
November 24th in Omranya only when  receiving the e-mail of Mr. Antoine
Malek. Thus, if ACCOM had not moved, there would not have been reactions!

2-In answer to ACCOM request (3rd point of the letter to the
Minister, asked  to be compassionate to our persecuted), he asserted that he
could not intervene personally.
Then, afterward he says that he was going to study the possibility of making
a new law which will aim at facilitating the entrance(entry) to Canada of
the persons the life of which would be in danger, in their country.

If it was translated in the reality, ACCOM will have not only managed to
help our Coptic fellow countrymen, but the others also, worldwide.

Sunday the 19th of December, 2010:

A group of ACCOM will be present at St. Mark Church to help old members to
renew , & encourage others
to join, specially the youth.

We remind you that election for new board members will take place on May

N.B. : We are in the process of getting the new cards for all new members.

Than you for taking part of the success of ACCOM in it's mission.

God bless you all

Diana Angelo
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