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Diana Angelo diana.angelo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 19:22:08 EST 2010

Good & godly day to all our valuable members,

To start, I want to thank everyone present at St.Georges & St.Joseph church
hall yesterday(Sunday the 5th of December 2010).
There collaboration & understanding made the visit of Mr. Jason Kenny very
We are very proud of you & lucky to serve the Coptic orthodox community in
Montreal with all there concerns & worries.

As Mr. Malek said we have a government that listens, something we all should
appreciate & make use of.

It was noticeable yesterday that our youth are very interested to
participate & follow what we do. We thank every one of them
who helped with great zeal. I'll thank in person Mrs. Christine & Nadia
the 2 ladies that helped gathering kids & placing them
either in the gym or to the 2 classes for minors. Ramo, Goria,
Benoit, Carmel, Sara, Monica & many who helped a lot.

The success made every time encourages them to be more involved, trustful,
helpful & more eager for future leadership:
God bless you all.

An important message from our president will follow.

All the best

Diana Angelo
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